Our history of furniture business starts with Müge FURNITURE COLL. CO. (Müge MOBİLYA KOLL. ŞTİ.) founded by our deceased father in 1950. Our company has been a favorite company in demand during its whole life of service; has been involved successfully in several challenging projects in Antalya and the Mediterranean Region.

Müge furniture Coll. Co. Has fulfilled its mission leaving behind a past which we will take as a model and be proud of and has had DEKORIUM FURNITURE (Dekorium Mobilya) descending form Müge Furniture to replace it as the second generation.
Dekorium Furniture has commenced its new business life in 1998 adopting a vision by which it revised its identity of industrial manufacturer to improve its corporate identity and intra-institutional organization. The company has become the favorite name of systematic projects as of the year 1998 with its technological opportunities and improving experience.
We are convinced that we have consolidated further our accomplishments which we have attained acting as professionals and with patient and painstaking efforts and cemented our position in the market by evolving quality and manufacturing process with satisfaction in applications of house furniture, shopping center projects and manufacture process HOTEL ROOMS OUTDOOR SPACES GENERAL SPACES STORES KITCHEN TV UNIT BATHROOM AREAS OF COMMON USE STAIRS (OF A BUILDING) DOORS